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Life, Heath and Wellness Specialist

Life, Heath and Wellness Specialist

Dr. Sam

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Sam is a doctor of natural medicine, intuitive, medium and radio host. She has worked on several high profile psychic sites for 14 plus years. She has the ability to see people's issues and help them discover new ways of conqueror what is holding us back, and offers solutions. She does this through your unique energy signature (voice) that leads to the 7th dimensional hall of records. Not all of our future is predetermined and the power of our free will comes into play in many facets of our lives.

Some times in life we just need a little more clarity on a situation or challenge. A new perspective can offer us remedies that we have not yet thought of or tried. Her goal is to empower others to have the courage to be the best they can be and manifest their 5D Golden Age. The energy, thoughts and words are everything when it comes to manifesting the reality we want to live in.

Dr. Sam can also see health issues. Of course this is not an exact science so you will want to follow up with your favorite doctor and get proper testing or analysis of the information described. One thing should be noted; Mugzzi always works in the light and subscribe to NO gimmicks, phonies or scams.

There are so many out there and they tarnished the reputation for those who can actually "see". However, with the new energies coming in; we are all opening up and the veil is lifting. That means, we are all getting a whole bunch more psychic, empathic, and reading energies of those that are around us.

You can catch her radio show or updates on Free Thinking Radio. Currently, she is on blog talk radio and shows are also uploaded to YouTube. Many guests that offer a new perspective on our reality are presented. What you choose to accept, delete, disagree, or apply is totally up to you.

Call for your personal reading and see if she can help you discover what lies in your future.

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